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Young People Are Suffering More Back Pain And Remote Work Is The Culprit

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

01:39 16 Aug 2022

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More and more young people are booking appointments with physios complaining of back pain - and remote work is likely the culprit.

That's according to a Chartered Physiotherapist, who says sitting all day is reducing people's range of movement, causing pain.

Jenny Branigan says the fact young workers are sitting all day and not walking to the bus or the local cafe is the main reason for this.

"They're sitting at home, they're not walking to the LUAS, the bus, walking to work, walking for a coffee, going down to the kitchen."

She says as she was sitting in Spin waiting for her interview to begin, "I saw all your staff walking around outside, chatting to each other at the desk."

"So they're losing that natural movement throughout the day, if they're at home and not taking specific action to make sure they're incorporating it."

Don't Stop Movin'

Jenny's advice to combat this is NOT to relax but to move as much as possible:

"The worst thing you can do is to stay sitting and take to the bed."

"Bed rest is an absolute no no."

"If you have back pain you must keep moving gently through it."

"Actually that's part of the problem, when people have pain they become fearful of movement."

"We're always reassuring people in the clinic, if they have pain they can gently move through it."

"We show them what they can do, that gives them confidence then that they can move further and further."

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