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Self-care toolkits among resources available with new wellbeing campaign


01:21 3 Nov 2020

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"Self-care toolkits", reflection sessions and learning the building blocks of resilience are among the contents of the Government's new Keep Well campaign.

Today, the  'Minding Your Wellbeing' programme was launched.

The initiative offers five twenty-minute video sessions to teach people the key elements of positive mental health.

They focus on five key topics - self-care, over-thinking, exploring emotions, building positive relationships and improving resilience.

Speaking at its launch, Minister of State for Public Health and Well Being Frang Feighan said "I would encourage everybody to log into the website and begin using these videos.”

Anne Sheridan, HSE Programme Manager for Mental Health and Wellbeing said: “Never before have so many of us needed to reflect on and purposefully mind our mental wellbeing."

Ms Sheridan said while the word "self-care" is not a word she grew up with it's important.

"It's is a priority for us all now as there is no health without mental health.”

The HSE campaign is the first of its kind to be delivered remotely in Ireland.

Fine Gael Share Baking Video To Beat Stress

Meanwhile, Fine Gael tweeted they are "focusing on how to better cope with Level 5".

They shared Richard Bruton's recipe for brown scones.

"The best part is enjoying your baking with a good cup and a cup of tea," he said.

Deputy Bruton concluded the video by telling the camera he finds baking a good way to reduce stress during this testing time



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