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MetroLink Won't Be Operational Until At Least 2031 - New Dublin Transport Plan

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

03:34 9 Nov 2021

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Dublin’s MetroLink won’t be operational until at least 2031.

While the DART underground project has been shelved.

So that's part of an updated transport strategy for the Greater Dublin Area.

This 20 year-plan will run until 2042.

It sets out proposals for improving cycling, walking, buses, the road network and rail services in the Greater Dublin area.

Under it the MetroLink, as well as LUAS lines to Finglas, Lucan, Poolbeg and Bray won’t be delivered until after 2031.

So that's during the second phase of the strategy.

While the Dart underground, linking Heuston station with the docklands, has been removed from the plan.

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This Has Been "Coming" For Fifty Years

Feljin Jose from the Dublin commuter coalition says that’s a mistake:

"The DART Underground has been on the cards for decades."

"Like from the seventies!"

"Under the current strategy, it was supposed to be completely built by 2035."

"The new strategy doesn't even plan for it's design."

"It just shelves it out to beyond 2042, at some stage where it may be built."

Cost More Than Doubled

The plan was originally due to cost 10 billion euro.

That’s increased to 25 billion. Hugh Creegan is from the National Transport Authority;

"I think with the elapse of time, the construction inflation and the greater knowledge about the level of contingency and risk to building to cost estimates."

"That's why you're seeing the figures we have today."

Meanwhile designs are to be put together for 8 LUAS extensions or new lines that would be ready to be built after the strategy ends in 20 years time.

Public consultation on the draft strategy will run until December 17th.

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