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Donald Trump Threatens To Use Army To Stop Anti-Racism Protests

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Donald Trump has reacted angrily to protests after death of George Floyd

Donald Trump has threatened to deploy the army to stop anti-racism protests across America.

The US President has describing them as "domestic terror", after another night of violence.

He addressed the nation from the White House, as police used stun grenades and tear gas to clear nearby.

However, his message to state leaders to restore 'law and order' in their areas hasn't been met with full agreement.

One of those speaking out was New York Governer Andrew Cuomo

Meanwhile, other political rivals have compared the move to that of a dictator.

One example is from Senator, and potential Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris:

Meanwhile, Presidential candidate Joe Biden his also been critical of Trump.

Shortly after his speech, he walked to a church and posed for a photo with the Bible.

George Floyd

It was the sixth day of disturbances sparked by the death of an unarmed black man - George Floyd - in Minneapolis.

A police officer was filmed pinning Mr Floyd down with his knee on the back of his neck as he begged for his life.

The policeman who was filmed with his knee on Mr Floyd's neck - Derek Chauvin - was been charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

An independent medical examiner ruled Mr Floyd's death as a homicide.

Worldwide protests

George Floyd's death sparked massive protests around the world.

Yesterday in Dublin, thousands turned up for a rally from O'Connell Street towards the American Embassy

Donald Trump Photo: Sam Boal/

The protest in Dublin was one of many to take place, with most in the US.

Many have passed peacefully, with police joining the protesters in solidarity in some cases.

However, some have been marred by clashes between protesters and police, such as the one in Washington DC yesterday.

In addition, it has led to Donald Trump referring to protesters as 'thugs', drawing anger from many Americans, with other voices on Twitter showing support.

'United' States it is not.

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