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Deliveroo Riders Strike For Better Pay And Conditions


05:25 22 Jan 2021

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A number of Deliveroo riders in Dublin are going on strike this evening.

They're calling for better working conditions and improved delivery fees.

The workers, who deliver takeaways on bikes, are also calling on the Gardaí to "take them seriously",

In particular, the workers want stolen bicycle reports and abuse to be taken seriously.

Deliveroo have denied workers' pay has been reduced and says it works closely with authorities to tackle safety issues.

The company says they're also planning to introduce a personal safety alarm for riders.

Owner of Chimac on Dublin’s Angier Street Garret Fitzgerald is removing his restaurant from the app this evening.

He says we all owe riders a great deal of gratitude.

"They've been working incredibly hard the last 10 months, essentially keeping us all sane."

The chef believes drivers aren't getting the respect they deserve.

"They are integral to our business and so many other businesses."

"They are essentially like our co-workers and if they're not being treated well that's not good for our business"

Mr Fitzgerald says Gardaí, restauranteurs and the general public can be disrespectful to riders.

"I can notice by the fact that we would always show drivers the upmost respect and the amount that they appreciate that kind of indicates that there are a lot of places that don't."

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