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18 Year Old Kills 21 People In Texas Primary School Shooting Spree

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

03:04 25 May 2022

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19 children are among 21 people killed, in the deadliest school shooting in America for almost a decade.

Police believe 18-year-old Salvador Ramos opened fire inside classrooms at a primary in Uvalde in Texas - having bought two rifles on his birthday, and shooting his grandmother.

US President Joe Biden says it's time to turn the pain of another mass shooting into action.

He was shot dead by a policeman at the scene and local police say the situation is now under control.

Speaking at the Whitehouse, President Biden called for action, he said common-sense gun laws need to be enacted now to prevent another attrocity like this.

The United States faced 61 active shooter incidents accounting for over 100 deaths in 2021, approximately one every week, according to FBI records.

Law Lecturer at NUI Galway, Larry Donnelly, says guns should not be so easy to purchase; the killer was able to purchase guns on his eighteenth birthday which were then turned on the innocent pupils and teachers of Robb Elementary School in Uvalde Texas.

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