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Majority Of Workers Prefer Messaging Over Phone Calls

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

02:55 20 Jun 2022

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The majority of workers would prefer to talk to their colleagues through a message or email, according to a new survey.

It finds 77% of office workers think phone calls can be "confrontational" and "aggressive".

While one in 10 feels on edge during face-to-face conversations.

These people say they would choose online encounters over a chat on the phone.

Many people report that when messaging or emailing, you have a record of exactly what has been said between two or more parties.

Others mentioned that if someone only has something short to say, it doesn't require a phone call.

Messaging and email have the benefit of being accessible without talking, so a person can answer email while in a meeting or in a public space or on public transport without needing to talk.



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