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SPIN Chats To Griff, The Artist Behind The Soundtrack To Disney's Christmas Advert


02:29 12 Nov 2020

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Griff chats to SPIN about Disney's Christmas ad

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Griff this week.

She's the artist behind the soundtrack to Disney's gorgeous animated Christmas ad.

Griff performed the advert's accompanying track, Love is A Compass.

She told Sarina that she's been working hard for years to finally get to where she is now.

When her manager told her Disney were considering her for the soundtrack, she refused to get her hopes up.

Disney's heartwarming Christmas advert follows young girl and gran's love of Mickey Mouse

Griff explained, "With this industry, so many thing almost happen and then don't happen."

"So I didn't wanna like put all my hopes on it and then it not happen."

"I was just kind of like, 'Sure they do. We'll see.'"


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"As the conversation and time went on, it's actually happening and it's crazy, and it's really, really exciting."

Sarina told the artist that she sobbed watching the Christmas ad.

When asked how she felt, Griff said, "I've watch it in stages."

She explained, "I didn't get that maybe initial impact that you had because I heard the song separately."

"And I saw the ad when it was in its really early stages."

"It was literally just sketched out in black and white, it wasn't even moving or animated yet."

Watch Sarina's full interview here:

The advert

The video opens on a busy street in the year 1940.

A young Lola is gifted a Mickey Mouse teddy, which she cherishes for the rest of her life.

Flash forward to 2005, and Lola is now an old woman.

She gifts her young granddaughter the Mickey Mouse teddy she received as a child.

The pair spend Christmas making decorations and enjoying each other's company.

As the years go on, their festive ritual begins to fade.

The advertisement is all in support of Make-A-Wish.

Disney are asking people to share a family festive memory on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using #LoveFromDisney. 

As part of their campaign, they promise to donate $1 for every post to Make-A-Wish.

Meanwhile, SuperValu have just released their 2020 Christmas ad and it's adorable.

Watch that here.

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