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WATCH: Niall Horan's Hilarious & Very Irish Monologue On Jimmy Kimmel Live


11:05 25 Aug 2021

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Niall Horan guest hosts Jimmy Kimmel Live

Ireland's very own Niall Horan guest hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live this week.

In his opening monologue, he made fun of American's for saying, 'Patty's Day,' instead of, 'Paddy's Day.'

And he also slammed them for constantly claiming they're Irish.


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Niall addressed the audience, "I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty anxious to be doing this."

"The last time a pale Irishman hosted a talk show with no experience, it was Conan O'Brien."

"So I'm in good company, no worries."

The Mullingar native went on to read out some very enthusiastic tweets from his American fanbase.

And of course, he read them in his best American accent.

Niall laughed before admitting he has the, "best fans in the world."


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The Horan Dog's

However, he recently discovered they don't have an official name for themselves.

"Tonight, we're going to settle this once and for all... from now on, my fans will be called, 'The Horan Dogs.'"

"There ya have it! Yeah! Anyone who loves my music is a total, 'Horan Dog.'"

Niall went on to address how so many Americans tell him they're partly Irish.

"Everybody seems to be from Ireland in America," he said through gritted teeth.

In an American accent, he yelled, "Oh my God, you're Irish?! My dad's brother's neighbour is Irish too, do you know him?!"


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In his Irish accent, he very bluntly added, "No. I don't. And guess what? I couldn't give two f**ks about him either."

"Another thing, you guys are also very misinformed about our traditions."

"Let's take St. Patrick's Day. First of all, it's not called, 'Patty's Day.'"

"P.A.T.T.Y. like the inside of a burger. On St. Patrick's Day in Ireland, you just go to mass and light a candle with your granny."

"Speaking of my granny, it's her 91st birthday today. Happy birthday granny!"

"Here in America, you just sing U2 songs all day and then puke green beer on your Uber driver."

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish

He continued, "Even your sports teams have it wrong."

Niall referenced the Leprechaun mascot for their football team The Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

"He looks more like Abraham Lincoln had sex with a garden gnome."

"If you want fighting Irish, Conor McGregor. That's fighting Irish. And he'll pull your heart right through your a**."

Niall then pulled off his best McGregor impression and it was kind of spot on.

"To prove my point that you guys know nothing about my homeland, we sent a crew out onto Hollywood boulevard to administer a little test."

One woman was asked what did St. Patrick do, and she replied, "I don't know, I thought he was just like a leprechaun."

When asked to name a famous Irish person, one lady said, "Anna Kendrick."

Watch Niall's full opening monologue here:

G'wan Niall!

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