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Shawn Levy Promises SPIN A Movie Starring Both Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman


02:04 8 Mar 2022

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Shawn Levy, Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman

Director Shawn Levy has promised us he will team up with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman for a movie.

He's worked with both actors separately, and fans have been dying to see them on screen together.

In an interview with SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo, he promised it will happen.


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Shawn and Ryan previously worked together on Free Guy, and their new movie The Adam Project drops on Netflix this Friday.

The director told Sarina that we have Hugh Jackman to thank for their friendship.

It turns out Hugh told him about Ryan when they worked together on the 2011 film Real Steel.


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Shawn remembered, "Hugh said, 'Mate, if you and Ryan ever make a movie together, you won't stop.'"

"He just somehow knew that Ryan and I would gel and just connect in a way both as guys and as creatives that would be really special."

"Now in return, I now need to be the guy who unites all three of us on a movie."


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Very confidently, Shawn said, "It's going to happen and it will be me who directs it."

Speaking of reunions, the director unintentionally reunited 13 Going On 30's Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner in The Adam Project. 

On this, he said, "When I picked Mark for the movie and then a little while later Jen, stupidly, I didn't even realise I was reuniting Jenna and Matty."

"It was Ryan who pointed out, 'You realise you're giving the world what they've been waiting for like 18 years for."

"So that was a delightful bonus," he added.

Watch the full interview here:

The Adam Project premieres on Netflix this Friday, March 11th.

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