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One Night in Millstreet Review - 4/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Conor Finn
Conor Finn

04:15 3 Apr 2024

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Fighters have always made fascinating documentary subjects. Unable to hide in an ensemble that a team sport allows. They stand alone, with the full glare of the spotlight, illuminating the positives and negatives of their character. One Night in Millstreet boasts two of the most intriguing and contrasting characters the sport has ever seen. The monocled, gentleman “pugilist” in Chris Eubank. Versus the rough and ready fighter in Steve Collins.

Interestingly, One Night in Millstreet doesn’t side with one fighter or the other. The charismatic Eubank recalling events with hilarity and surprising humility for a man who entered the ring on a Harley Davidson while “Simply the Best” blasted over the speakers. Collins is spikey but cerebral. Revealing in being underestimated. He digs into his never-ending bag of tricks to keep Eubank off balance. From only speaking Irish at the press conference, questioning his nationality, to most infamously, hiring mind coach Tony Quinn into hypnotising Collins to not feel pain in the ring.


With the endless money being thrown at the Saudi boxing shows. With every A-list celeb in attendance along with a concert between fights. It's amusing to see the Del Boy like Noel Duggan, the owner of the fight venue (Green Glens Arena, County Cork) wheel and deal with the biggest names in boxing. To convince them his venue is the cultural hub of Ireland. When the reality is its “20 miles from the nearest traffic light”

One Night in Millstreet is an engaging and absorbing look at when boxing was at its zenith in this country. The fight itself is thrilling and you will find yourself bobbing and weaving with every punch as if it were live. You can feel the tension pour from the screen as the two rivals refuse to let the other man leave with the bragging rights. A cracking, bruising documentary that will leave you wishing for one more round.


4 stars

Andy McCarroll



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