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Netflix Christmas Documentary Series The Holiday Movies That Made Us Drops Today


02:23 1 Dec 2020

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Netflix release The Holiday Movies That Made Us

A brand new Netflix Christmas documentary called The Holiday Movies That Made Us drops today.

It takes us behind the scenes of some of the biggest festive flicks including Elf and Nightmare Before Christmas.

The official trailer begins with the people behind Will Ferrell's Elf talking about the movie.

They reveal the script was custom made for the actor.

Next, we're taken behind the scenes of Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.

They reveal the filmmaker was a Disney Animation trainee.

"They did not know what to do with him, he was considered such an odd ball."

Little did they know, Burton would end up becoming, "the most successful director in Hollywood."

Watch the trailer for The Holiday Movies That Made Us here:


Netflix also released a six minute teaser from episode one of the series.

It takes us behind the scenes of filming on Elf in New York City, 2002.

Director of Photography, Greg Gardiner said he wanted to take the energy of the city and translate it on screen.

They discovered the best way to do this, was to just put Will Ferrell out on the streets.

Assistant director Kristin Bernstein said, "We completely bought into this gorilla style."

Some of the most iconic scenes in the movie were shot with just a small film crew in the city.

We can only imagine how confused people must have been to see a grown man in an elf costume eating gum off a city railing.

Or spinning around in revolving doors and hopping across a busy street.

Watch the teaser video here:

The Holiday Movies That Made Us is out on Netflix today.

Meanwhile, check out everything new in December here.

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