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The Kardashians Are Given New iPhones Every Week To Self-Film KUWTK In Quarantine


03:35 21 May 2020

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The Kardashians turned camera women

The Kardashians are refusing to allow the global pandemic get in the way of filming their reality show.

So they've found a way around it - they're using iPhones to self-film the show in quarantine.

Executive producer Farnaz Farjam explained the whole process in an interview with Elle this week.


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When the state of California went into lockdown, Farjam and Kris Jenner plotted ways to continue the show.

Kris suggested they film the footage themselves from their respective homes.

So the family have been recording the show through Zoom calls and use of their mobile phones.

Teething issues

The producer told Elle that this has been, 'a big to-do,' and there have been plenty of teething issues.

She explained, 'If Kris gets annoyed and walks out of the camera angle, it's not like we can follow her and continue shooting.'

'She has to come back onto the screen and explain [why she walked away].'


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Farjam explained, 'It’s less fly-on-the-wall, because we have to give them direction and they have to be more informative with us…'

'But because this is the Kardashians and they’re entertaining regardless, it will be a fun watch for people.'

The initial idea was that the Kardashians would film the footage on their phones and post it to a shared folder.

However, the production team soon realised this wasn't going to work.

Farjam said, 'I was like, ‘Oh, people are going to get sick of seeing this [poor quality] footage like this.''

'We needed to get them proper interview spaces [for confessionals].'


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As a result, they hired a director of photography and a technician to set up well lit confessional rooms in the Kardashian homes.

They wore full hazmat suits and entered the girls' houses to set up the equipment, which they then sanitised.

The room includes phone-friendly tripods, so the family can film the confessionals with their iPhones.

Farjam revealed, 'Sometimes you’ll hear them mumbling under their breath, ‘Who knew a camera person’s job would be so hard?!''

'But, like, that’s funny. That’s gold. That’s stuff we want to include in the show.'

Every week, a showrunner brings the girls new iPhones, and collects the ones featuring the footage from the week previous.


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We can't wait to see how this all turns out!

Cover photo: Twitter @KUWTK

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