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Hocus Pocus Producer Wants To Do Buffy Inspired Spin-Off Series


10:18 20 Sep 2022

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Hocus Pocus spin-off series

Hocus Pocus producer and storywriter David Kirschner has said he'd love to do a Buffy inspired spin-off series.

He made the revelation during a chat on The Art of Kindness podcast this week.

David was asked if he'd like to see, "a new generation take on the Sanderson sisters," from Hocus Pocus.

The producer responded by sharing an idea he had for the series a long time ago, after the first movie was released.

He said, "Underneath all of those headstones as you see when the kids run in the ceremony and they go underground [in the first film]..."

"I wanted to really explore a world that lives beneath Salem of things that go bump in the night in a Buffy the Vampire kind of way."

"It's Salem for God's sakes! That's magical land - that's holy land. I absolutely would love to see that."

David added that he'd also love to see Disney do an animated Hocus Pocus series.

Hocus Pocus 2 is out on Disney+ September 30th.

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