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'Call My Agent!' Remake Drops Today & SPIN Chats To Star Of The Show Jack Davenport


10:46 28 Apr 2022

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Ten Percent on Prime Video

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Jack Davenport and John Morton to chat about their new series Ten Percent.

John is a writer on the show, while Jack stars in the lead role of Jonathan Nightingale.


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This new show is based on the original series Call My Agent!

It plunges you into the world of a London talent agency where agents are desperate to keep their clients happy, especially after the sudden death of their founder.

Watch the trailer here:

The pair spoke to Sarina about the pressures that come with remaking a successful show.

They also talked about how they put their own spin on it, how Jack's agent helped him prepare for the role, and celebrity guest stars.

Watch the full interview here:

Ten Percent premieres on Prime Video today!

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