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6 Shocking Facts About Netflix Dating Series Love Is Blind

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

03:30 4 Mar 2020

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Love Is Blind: 6 shocking facts

Netflix's new show Love Is Blind has become the biggest must watch dating series of the year so far.

And it turns out a lot of interesting things went down behind the scenes that viewers are unaware of.

Here are six shocking facts about the new series:

1. Filming

Love Is Blind was filmed in September 2018 however, it didn't premiere on Netflix until this year.

So while all the couples on the show seem brand new to us, their romance actually began over a year and a half ago.

The contestants had to keep their relationships a secret until season one aired this year.

2. Jessica tried to leave

Jessica revealed in a recent interview with EW that she actually tried to leave the show.

However, she was forced to walk down the aisle with Mark and make the decision there and then.

'I had to stay. I definitely had a conversation about leaving and I wasn’t able to do that.'

She revealed, 'My dog got sick too, and almost died during the show, I had so much other stuff going on.'

'It was really frustrating because I kind of knew [Mark and I] weren’t going to get there.'

'I definitely had some conversations and attempted to leave, but I wasn’t able to.'

3. The pods

It turns out the pods at the beginning of the show were actually sound proof.

The couples had to communicate through speakers rather than through the light in the wall.

They did this so the contestants could have total privacy.

Series creator Chris Coelen told Variety, 'We basically had a small speaker in the front wall and you would hear the other person who was in the other pod.'

'There's no producers in there, there's nobody else. It's just you and the other person. That's it.'

4. There were two other engagements

There were actually two other engagements on the series that just weren't shown.

Chris told EW that there were only so many romantic journeys they could film before it became too much.

'As a producer, I was kind of nervous like, 'Is anybody actually gonna get engaged?''

He questioned, 'Is anyone going to make it to the altar?'

'And, in the end, we actually had more couples get engaged than we were able to follow on the show.'

Chris revealed eight couples got engaged however, only six of them were shown.

5. Special pod activities

Contestants often asked for different activities while in the pods together.

Chris told AV Club as per Insider, 'Obviously they couldn't see each other and they couldn't touch each other.'

'Other than that, they could do anything they wanted to do — we encouraged them to be creative.'

Contestants could play games, eat dinner or even paint.

6. Appearances

The contestants often used celebrities to describe how they look.

Host Vanessa told People that she asked some of the girls what celebs they used to describe their appearance.

And while their answers were fairly accurate, some of the boys were way off.

Amber confronts Jessica in the reunion episode trailer.

Watch it here.

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