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2022 Christmas Ads Have Officially Begun: Disney & M&S Lead The Way


08:40 3 Nov 2022

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Christmas 2022

The 2022 Christmas ads have officially kicked off with Disney and M&S leading the way.

Over the next few weeks you'll see more and more big brands release heartwarming advertisements in the lead up to the festive season.

While November 3rd does seem a bit early, we're loving what's out so far!

Disney's 2022 Christmas advertisement is called The Gift.

The synopsis reads: 'In the final chapter of #FromOurFamilyToYours, Nicole and her family are preparing to welcome a special new addition... but not everyone is ready for things to change.'

Their youngest child is struggling with all the attention turning to her newest sibling, but by the end of the advert, she meets the little one and falls head over heels.

Part 1

The family's story began in Disney's 2020 Christmas ad, where we're first introduced to Lola and her granddaughter Nicole.

They share a love of Disney and Christmas crafting, but over time their yearly ritual of making star lanterns begins to fade away.

Looking back into Lola’s past and seeing her grandmother’s much-loved Mickey Mouse inspires her granddaughter to create a festive surprise that lights up her Christmas morning and renews their special bond.

Part 2

In Christmas 2021, Disney released the second part of the story titled The Stepdad.

It follows Nicole, the granddaughter from last year's ad, who is now all grown up with a family to make Christmas traditions with.

We follow her and her two adorable children, Max and Ella, as their new stepdad Mike moves into their family home.


The M&S Christmas ad sees Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders reunite.

Last year, Fairy teamed up with Percy Pig, played by Tom Holland, and this year, she's on a mission to find her next festive pal.

Her new bestie is a dog's chew toy brought to life with magic, and her name is Duckie (Saunders).

TK Maxx

TK Maxx released their Christmas ad a week ago! Bit soon if you ask us... but anyway!

It follows Sam, a young woman who's flooded with praise over her fabulous gifting skills.

The ad plays on the retailer's slogan of, 'Big Gifts, Small Prices.'

Merry Christmas? No, it's too soon for that.

Cover photo via Disney

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