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How To Be Sustainable This Festival Season

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

03:52 30 Apr 2019

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How To Enjoy Your Festival Season Without Hurting The Earth

It's time we all took things up a notch to help change the world we live in. Sustainability is a big topic lately with the release of Planet on Netflix.

David Attenborough shows us the damage we are doing to the earth currently making small changes to the way you live will make a big difference.

Here are our top tips for a more sustainable festival season.

Don't Wear Glitter

Even though we all want to be glittery goddesses Glitter is bits of plastic. It goes everywhere and then the rain washes it into streams & rivers. This hurts animals and the earth.

In saying that you still can wear glitter to the festivals and live your best sparkily life. There are lots of companies that make biodegradable glitter.


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Before I set up @theglitter_bugs , I often got frustrated at enviornmentally "friendly" and sustainable products coming in plastic packaging. I was going out of my way and spending more money to get an eco friendly products, but it was coming in a plastic container, bag or box. I wanted to make sure any product I developed was going to be 100% plastic free, including the packaging. This is why The Glitter Bug's Bio Degradeable Glitter bottles, display and packaging are all made out of glass, natural cork and wood. No plastic or chemicals allowed. : @alexandrabozic @slievebloommanor #plasticfree #zerowaste #vegan #biodegradable #organic #biodegradableglitter #ecofriendly #ethicalfashion #sustainable #sustainablefashion #vegan #veganmakeup #crueltyfree #plantbased

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Instead of using single-use glitter you can use gems and reuse them throughout the festival season.

Then when you're finished with them you can throw them into the recycling.

Bring A Reusable Water Bottle

There are plenty of taps around the campsites for you to refill a water bottle. This will help reduce the plastic at the festival.

reusable water bottle sustainable festival season

Bring A Metal Straw

If you're someone who loves using a straw. Try buying a metal straw before you go out to the festival.

You can buy your metal straw for everyday use and for festival season here.


metal strain sustainable festival season


Pick Up After Yourself

Most festivals reward people who pick up cans & litter with drinks tokens.

Lovely cans.

Let us remind you of the mess left behind festival goers at last year's EP.

Be mindful of bringing your tent with you and disposing of it at home. Maybe go without a tent if you don't want to carry it home after the festival.

Buy or Reuse Clothes

Buy your festival fit on Depop or reuse item in your, your mother's, brothers, sisters or friends clothes. This means you won't be buying fast fashion that you'll never wear again.

Try to rework the clothes you already have.

This will cut the cost of our festival season in half too.


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My Bae chella’s ‍♀️⭐️ Day 1 @louisecooney_ @aideenkate @frankcardiff ⭐️

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Using Face Clothes Instead Of Wipes

Ditch the baby wipes this year. Penneys sell a three pack of face cloths.

You could use one for your face, one for your body & keep the other for emergencies. it is a festival after all you never know what you could need it for!

Use the taps available around the campsites to clean yourself or fill up your water bottle and wash yourself in the privacy of a tent.


sustainable festival season

Let us know your sustainable festival tips & we'll add them to this article! info@spinsouthwest or DM us @spinsouthwest om Insta.


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