Festival Goer Comes Up With ‘G...


Festival Goer Comes Up With ‘Genius’ Idea To Make Sure You Get Your Phone Back If You Lose It

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

11:20 27 Jun 2019

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Why didn't we think of that!

Let's face it there really is no bigger nightmare than losing your phone at a festival... unless you get stuck in the portaloo!

This festivalgoer has come up with a genius way to make sure you get your phone back if you lose it.

This is such a simple and lifesaving idea!

Twitter user Steve Goodair has been hailed a ‘Festival hero’ for sharing a tip which involves putting your friend's number on your phone lock screen.

He wrote:

“Put your mates number on your phone lock screen. If it’s handed in, they can ring your mate & get it back to you.”




My question is what if your friends also lose their phone!


Now let’s have a moment of silence for all of the phones that could’ve been saved over the years if you’d have done this before every night out!

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