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Research Finds Majority Of People Would Prefer To Be A Millionaire Than A Billionaire

JJ Clarke
JJ Clarke

05:42 17 Jun 2022

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The majority of people would prefer to be a millionaire rather than a billionaire, according to a study by Bath University.

The research highlights the fact humans aren't all motivated to want more and more.

Research by Bath University has busted the myth that greed is good.

Most of the 8,000 people surveyed stated that a billion is too much but they would be fine with being a millionaire.

People in Dublin stated that travel, paying off loans and taking care of their family was most important to them if the won this kind of money.

Finance Expert Eoin McGee notes the research hints that getting richer doesnt equal becoming happier, he said that when you become a millionaire you start spending like a millionaire and the same for when someone becomes a billionaire.

Spokesperson for the National Lottery, Sarah Orr says thats winners are always delighted regardless of the amount, whether that is some of the smaller cash prizes or the jackpot.

This finding certainly bodes well for the future as we endeavour to become more conscious consumers and adopt sustainability practices.

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