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WATCH: Ryan Reynolds & Will Ferrell Swap Late Night Talk Show Appearances


02:30 11 Nov 2021

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Ryan Reynolds & Will Ferrell

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell have grown close from working together on their upcoming movie Spirited.

For a laugh, they decided to swap late night talk show appearances, and we'd expect nothing less from this comedic duo.


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Ferrell was due to appear on The Tonight Show with Fallon, while Reynolds was expected on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Instead, Ferrell travelled to L.A. to appear on Kimmel, while Reynolds travelled to New York for Fallon.

And rather than promote their own movies, they decided to promote each other's.


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Will Ferrell's interview

Ferrell explained to Kimmel, "Ryan couldn't make it. I got a text from him, said he was running late."

"Which usually means, he's not going to show up... he just asked if I would fill in."

The actor went on to promote Reynolds' new movie Red Notice. Well... he tried.

"I haven't seen a stitch of it," he hilariously admitted.

"I saw the billboards. They're wearing tuxedos. So... you know it's going to be classy," Ferrell pointed out.

He continued, "I think it's going to be good, I hope, right?"

Kimmel revealed he had already seen it, and Ferrell asked him what the movie is about.

"Is it about someone is getting kicked out of their apartment, they have 30 days notice and they're all classy real estate agents?"

Watch the full interview here:

Ryan Reynolds' interview

Meanwhile, in New York, Reynolds explained to Fallon that he was filling in for Ferrell who was running late.

The talk show host asked him when Ferrell is expected to arrive.

He replied, "He's going to be here in about... a half past... never. Will's not coming."

Fallon asked Reynolds about his new movie Red Notice and he replied, "No. No we're not talking about Red Notice while we're here."

"If you bring up Red Notice, you will taste the back of my hand," he said.

So Fallon asked him about Ferrell's new show The Shrink Next Door, also starring Paul Rudd.

When asked what the show is about, Reynolds said, "It's an Ant-Man sequel."

"It's in the Ant-Man universe... it's well... he's a shrink... he doesn't shrink his body per say."

"He lives next door and he minimises himself in relationships which is kind of like Ant-Man."

The 45-year-old told Fallon, "Paul has a little lab in his house, and his kids are little rascals and he shrinks them by accident."

"And then he has to tell his wife Katheryn Hahn, 'Oh my God honey, I shrunk the kids, I shouldn't have done that."

After Fallon plays a clip from the new show, Reynolds looks horrified: "Holy sh*t, that's nothing like Ant-Man at all."

The Ant-Man sequel The Shrink Next Door premieres on Apple TV+ November 12th, while Red Notice arrives on Netflix the same day.

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