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Shawn Mendes Apologises For Accidentally Misgendering Sam Smith


08:35 14 Dec 2020

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Shawn Mendes apologises

Wonder artist Shawn Mendes has issued a public apology to Sam Smith.

It's after he accidentally misgendered them during the iHeart Jingle Ball last week.

While introducing the Stay With Me singer, Shawn referred to them as, "he," instead of, "they."

After spotting his mistake, fans took to social social media to call him out on it.

Some Twitter users questioned why he wasn't pulled up on it prior to recording. 

Shawn's apology

It wasn't long before Shawn issued a public apology to Sam on Instagram Stories.

He wrote, 'Oh @samsmith I'm so sorry for referring to you as a ‘he' for your jingle ball introduction.'

'It absolutely slipped my mind.'


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'Wont happen again..'

He continued, 'Sending you so much love !'

'Also you absolutely are one of the funniest people I've ever met!'


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Sam re-posted Shawn's apology on their Instagram Stories.

They captioned it, 'We're all learning together.'

Sam added, 'Happy holidays, all my love xx.'

After Mendes posted his apology, Smith wrote in reply, "We're all learning together."

Instagram Stories @samsmith 

Meanwhile, Shawn gave viewers an insight into his relationship with Camila Cabello recently.

In his new documentary, the couple share the story of how they first met.

Read more here.

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