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Selena Gomez Holds Twitter, Facebook & More Accountable For Capitol Hill Riots


11:42 7 Jan 2021

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Selena Gomez targets tech giants

Lose You To Love Me artist Selena Gomez is taking aim at tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Following the events at Capitol Hill, Selena accused these platforms of helping to incite hatred.


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Four people died during violent protests after supporters of Donald Trump stormed government buildings in Washington.

As we watched at home, many took to social media to share their thoughts and disbelief at what was happening.

Selena Gomez used her large platform to call out the world's biggest tech giants.


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A post shared by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez)

She released the following statement:

'Today is the result of allowing people with hate in their hearts to use platforms that should be used to bring people together and allow people to build community.'

'Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Jack Dorsey, Sundar Pichai, Susan Wojcicki - you have all failed the American people today and I hope you’re going to fix things moving forward.'

Twitter locked Trump's account, after he posted two tweets which were sympathetic with those carrying out the violence.

They also threatened him with, "permanent suspension," from the platform.

It comes after the site demanded he remove tweets excusing the violence on Wednesday.

Other celebs

Selena's not the only person with a large platform speaking out.

Mark Ruffalo has also been voicing his concerns and sharing his opinion on the riots.

Capitol Hill

He tweeted, 'This is a coup attempt on behalf of Trump and his complicit allies.'

'This is All on Trump and his administration.'

'The cowards in the GOP must be held accountable. #CoupAttempt'

Chris Evans

Captain America actor Chris Evans was shocked by what was happening in his country.

He tweeted, 'I’m speechless. Just think of the carnage had they not been white.'

'So many people enabled this,' Chris wrote.

Sarah Jessica Parker

The Sex and the City actress also shared her thoughts on social media.

She wrote, 'Unimaginable. Disgraceful. Shocking. But no surprise. So many to hold responsible.'

'You know who you are. You dismissed the violent, divisive, cruel rhetoric.' She added, ' You made excuses.'

'Cowards He/you are not leaders. We will try to re-build. You will try to live with yourselves'

Loads more celebrities shared their thoughts and opinions online.

Here are some of the tweets:

Find out more about what happened at Capitol Hill here.

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