Selena Gomez Gets Roasted By R...


Selena Gomez Gets Roasted By Ryanair!

Shannon Keenan
Shannon Keenan

12:47 12 Jan 2024

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Selena Gomez is known for taking her breaks on social media and this week she announced she was taking a break yet again by writing on her Instagram stories: "I’m off social for a while. I’m focusing on what really matters."


The break lasted less than 24hrs after she came back to promote a video of her and Gordan Ramsey cooking breakfast burgers.


The 'Only Murders' actress posted a picture of her and the chef on her Insta stories and wrote: ‘@gordongram stepped into my kitchen and showed me how to make an amazing breakfast burger.’



Fans are saying the singer is starting to get annoying with one writing on X: "Selena Gomez is so annoying and also 100% me if I were a mega famous celebrity" while another wrote: "She didn’t even make it to 24 hours I’m crying".


Ryanair decided to jump on the band wagon of her return to socials by hilariously branding her: ‘If “I’m never flying Ryanair ever again” was a person.’


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