Selena Gomez Had A Massive Cru...


Selena Gomez Had A Massive Crush On Cole Sprouse & The Evidence Is Adorable


01:58 4 Nov 2022

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Selena Gomez was crushing hard on Cole Sprouse

In her new documentary My Mind and Me, Selena Gomez admits she had a massive crush on Cole Sprouse growing up.

She visits her childhood home and finds an old message she wrote about the Disney star still inked on her closet door.

"I had a crush on Cole and Dylan Sprouse, so I'd come in my closet and I would write things down," she said.

Written on her old closet door is Cole's name encircled with a love heart.

"I'm sorry, Cole, if you ever see this!"

Speaking with Variety at the documentary's premiere, she shared her belief that Cole isn't yet aware of her childhood crush on him.

She said, "He doesn't I'm sure. But it was honest."

"I think he's adorable... But yeah I hope he doesn't think I'm a weirdo."

My Mind and Me is streaming now!

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