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Scott Disick Reposts Hilarious Video About His DM To Megan Barton Hanson


09:15 24 Nov 2020

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Scott Disick gets in on the fun

It seems Scott Disick has been loving the reaction to his recent encounter with Megan Barton Hanson.

He reposted a hilarious video from a TikTok user laughing about the entire situation.


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A post shared by M E G A N 🦋 (@meganbartonhanson_)

In case you missed it, Scott sent Megan a DM over the weekend.

He asked that she apologise for how she treated Eyal Booker on Love Island in 2018

The reality star wrote how disgusted he was, 'to find [her] mugging him off, and taking full advantage of his unbelievably beautiful sense of humor, and vulnerability.'

Shocked by his words, Megan shared a screenshot of their messages on Instagram Stories.

She captioned it, 'Its not often I'm left speechless but... sorry!?'

'What have I just read? Genuinely a little concerned about Scott tho.'

Scott Disick, Megan Barton Hanson, Instagram
Instagram Stories @meganbartonhanson_

Ever since, hilarious memes and videos about the encounter have been doing the rounds online.

And it looks like Scott's joining in on the fun.

He took to Instagram Stories to repost a video from TikTok user Sarel Madzebra.


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A post shared by Scott Disick (@letthelordbewithyou)

In the clip, the social media user comments on the whole situation and struggles to contain their laughter.

"Y'all, I'm in tears. I just went onto Twitter, I've just seen that Scott Disick had messaged Megan from Love Island."

Instagram Stories @letthelordbewithyou 

"When I tell you, I am howling. This is the type of content I'm on social media for... because, look at how funny this is."

"Scott Disick is literally the gift that keeps on giving!"

Watch the full video here:

@cocosarelNot 2018 love island?! GHSJJSGDKDHDH💀💀😭😭 ##loveisland ##fyp ##uk ##british ##scottdisick ##keepingupwiththekardashians ##eyalbooker ##meganbartonhanson♬ original sound - Sarel Madzebra

So how do Scott and Eyal know each other?

Well, it turns out Scott is currently dating Amelia Hamlin, who's Delilah Hamlin's sister.

And Delilah is in a long term relationship with Eyal.


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A post shared by E Y A L B O O K E R (@eyalbooker)

We're guessing that's how Scott and Eyal met!

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