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Paige Turley Says She'd 'Love To Be A Fly On The Wall' When Ex Lewis Capaldi Sees Her On Love Island


09:16 10 Jan 2020

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Paige Turley talks ex boyfriend Lewis Capaldi

Love Island winter series contestant Paige Turley opens up about her relationship with ex Lewis Capaldi.

She tells MailOnline this week that he has no idea she's signed up for the show.

Paige jokes, 'He might even vote for me!'

The singer tells the publication that news of her Love Island appearance was, 'top secret.'

Many of her friends including ex boyfriend Lewis Capaldi had no idea.

'It’s top secret, so only family.'


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However, Paige isn't concerned about Lewis' reaction to the news, 'I think he will definitely make a joke of it.'

'He might even vote for me!'

'I would love to be a fly on the wall, not just for Lewis, but to see all my friends reactions; like “what the hell is she doing on my television?”’


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Paige discusses Lewis' success

The 22-year-old says she always knew the singer would make it in the music industry.

'Even through college before we got together and even when we did get together I always kept saying to Lewis, “It’s a matter of time.”'

'For everyone that’s seen Lewis perform or heard his music, it was just a case of when.'

She goes on, 'I can always remember in college when we had any songwriting units, doesn’t matter what the subject was about, give Lewis half an hour and he would come out with an amazing song.'

'He’s such a talented writer. He’s good, it was kind of expected.'

Lewis and Paige dated for about a year in college when she was around 17 or 18.

She claims, 'It ended really amicably and we’re still pals.'

A source tells The Sun, '[Someone You Loved] and his album is clearly inspired by love and he loved her — he really did.'

Paige however, has no idea whether his songs are about her.

'Lewis has actually never said to me those songs are about you.'

'He’s great, he’s amazing, people can relate to his music, but I don’t actually know.'

Love Island

Paige admits she has no idea what's going to come of her time in the Love Island villa.

'You can’t really have any expectations from this because you don’t know what’s going to come off the back of it.'

'I might be the nation’s most hated woman after it, so I never have too many expectations.'


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She vows to keep it PG in the villa unlike some former contestants.

Paige says all of her exes are very different so she has no idea what physical attributes she likes in a man.

'They’ve got to have a sense of humour.'

'I like someone who’s ambitious, not even career wise, just like someone who wants to travel and see a bit of the world.'


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had a belter of a day making friends with these big beauties 🐘❤️ - these friendly giants were treated amazingly x

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