Mimi Webb Tells SPIN Her Ex Re...


Mimi Webb Tells SPIN Her Ex Reached Out After Hearing Her Breakup Song


12:35 28 Apr 2021

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Mimi Webb chats to SPIN

SPIN's Sarina Bellissimo caught up with Mimi Webb for a chat recently.

They spoke about her break up anthem Good Without, it's incredible success, and the ex boyfriend she wrote it about.

Mimi's new song Good Without is one of the biggest break up anthems out there at the moment.

Her name is even being put in the same category as Olivia Rodrigo, who also recently became a massive hit.

The singer told Sarina that being compared to the Disney star is, "crazy to [her]."

The SPIN presenter told Mimi that when you become successful, "A lot of people come out of the wood work."

She wanted to know whether her ex boyfriend, who she wrote the song about, had reached out.

The singer revealed, "Yeah! He did actually."

Mimi's ex reaches out

Mimi told the story; she was on Instagram live when he popped into the comments with a cheeky remark.

She said she doesn't follow him on the app, so she didn't recognise him at first.

He had also changed his username so she really had no idea who he was.

It wasn't until he jokingly commented, "Oh, writing another song about me," that it finally clicked with her.

She laughed, "I was like, I know exactly who this is, the cheeky guy!"

Mimi admitted it was, "quite nice," to hear from him as there is still so much respect there.

"It was so long ago, me and him, and it's just kind of like old friends, there's so many old memories, and you've got that respect..."

"So yeah, it was just kind of like a nice moment for me to be like, 'There ya go. I've said it there in the song.'"

"Like take it or leave it!" She laughed.

Commenting on her success, Sarina said, "The breakup was the best thing to happen to you!"

"Yeah! Exactly. It really was. And it's just so nice to make a song that was so sad into something so positive."

She added that she also had a private conversation with her ex, and he told her how proud he was of her.

Mimi said she had so much more that she wanted to say about their relationship, and she was able to do that in her music.

In the same interview, the artist also talked about her parents' reaction to her success, her dream colab with Sam Smith and more.

Watch the full interview here:

Mimi Webb's Good Without has been added to the SPIN playlist so make sure to keep us loud.

You can listen on the SPIN app, powered by GoLoud.

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