Jasmine Waltz Has A Dig At New...


Jasmine Waltz Has A Dig At New Housemates

SPIN South West
SPIN South West

08:20 17 Jan 2017

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Jasmine Waltz has made a dig at the new housemates after she was evicted from the Big Brother house. Her fellow housemates chose her to leave over Spencer and Heidi and James in a shocking eviction that aired last night.

Jasmine, who has been getting close to Calum, told fans the new dynamic is not her 'cup of tea' as Chloe and Jessica fought over who fancies Calum more. As the episode aired, Jasmine tweeted: 'I'm SO happy to be out of that toxic hell house... thanks for the support guys. Trust me that place is disgusting!! And even worse now..I've won the lottery getting out when I did... not my #cupoftea'.

Chloe was called to the Diary Room during the fight last night and kicked the door on her way in to talk to Big Brother. She lost the head when Jessica admitted she fancied Calum too, sending Chloe into a rage.

Earlier Chloe attempted to kiss Calum in the kitchen. Check out the very awkward moment..

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As Chloe and Jessica came to blows, Stacy told them that neither has a chance with Calum and they both look like 'clowns'.

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