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Irish Islander Kaila Troy Claims She Got Close To Teddy In Scenes That Never Aired


01:47 25 Aug 2021

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Irish Love Island star spills the beans

Irish woman Kaila Troy entered the Love Island villa as a Casa Amor bombshell on this year’s series.

In an interview with Daily Star she revealed she and Teddy were actually quite close in there.

And she was disappointed to learn the scenes never aired.

The Irish DJ explained, ‘Originally when I first went in there I liked Tyler but then when I had a conversation with him, I was like, 'hmm I don't know about him.’’

‘Then the next day I was like, let me talk to Teddy a little bit more and I was like, 'I like Teddy.’’


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‘I spoke to all the guys, but it was Teddy that I liked the most and we spoke a lot!’ Kaila revealed.

She added, ‘I had a lot of conversations with him, I mean they didn't show it but I had a lot of conversations with him.’

‘We used to work-out together… and just talking about life, you know the whole shebang.’

Kaila insisted, ‘We had a lot of good conversations.’

She also claimed he told her he liked both her and Clarisse.


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Kaila & Clarisse

‘He would be saying things, he even said to me and Clarisse that he liked me and he liked Clarisse.’

She continued, ‘Then he would say he liked my confidence and everything.’

‘So I had a conversation with him at the end, like where's your head at?’


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‘He then started talking about Faye and I thought, 'why would I ask you about Faye?'’

‘I'm not concerned about another female,’ Kaila explained.

‘I'm here getting to know you, I'm not going to ask you questions about someone else.’


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Kaila was barely shown on camera, and she was fairly disappointed by this.

She said, ‘There was so much stuff going on there, so many conversations with guys and the fun stuff that we were doing, so to kind of find out that it wasn't shown was very disappointing.’

The DJ continued, ‘I had been away from home for like four months since April because of covid.’

‘But they were pretty clear they wanted me from my first audition, they flew me from the states.’

The original line up

She told Daily Star that producers originally wanted her as part of the initial line up.

‘Originally they had me in the first line up and I was never supposed to be a Casa girl,’ Kaila revealed.

She was one of three Irish Islanders to enter during the Casa Amor shock twist.

Matthew MacNabb made it back to the main villa with Kaz by his side.


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However, he was dumped from the Island when Kaz went back to Tyler and new girl Priya chose to recouple with Brett over him.

The third Irish Islander was Dublin native Salma Naran, who was barely on our screens.


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She addressed the lack of airtime when she arrived home.

Read what she had to say here.

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