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Graham Norton Recalls The Time He Accidentally Insulted Jessica Chastain


02:06 3 Feb 2021

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Graham Norton & Jessica Chastain

Graham Norton experienced an extremely awkward encounter with It actress Jessica Chastain.

He recalled the moment during a chat with Mel Giedroyc on her new show, Unforgiveable.


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As reported by MailOnline, it happened while Graham and Jessica were chatting backstage at the Graham Norton Show.

She had been talking to him about her latest movie, which Graham wasn't a fan of.

So understandably, he was surprised to hear her say how, "bad," she was in the film.

In an attempt to console her, he said, "Oh well you're not THAT bad."

To Graham's utter disbelief, the actress replied, "I mean I play a bad person."

Recalling the incident, the talk show host told Mel, "I thought: 'I can’t backtrack now!'"


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Graham mentioned the movie in question also starred Tom Hiddleston.

So it could have been the 2015 flick Crimson Peak. 

Either way, what an awkward moment.

We'd love to hear Jessica's side of the story!

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