Gemma Collins Blames The Moon...


Gemma Collins Blames The Moon For Her Recent Car Accident


01:01 13 Sep 2019

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Can the Moon cause you to crash a car? According to Gemma Collins, it Can!

The GC is the gift that just keeps on giving!

The reality TV star has revealed she recently crashed her car and has put the blame on the moon!

Sound bizarre??? you'd think so but, again this is the GC we're talking about!

The TOWIE star took to Instagram informing followers that she had recently crashed her car because of the moon.

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She seems to have had a very active day between meditating, driving, smashing the glass and backing into a flower pot.
Agin seems like a pretty typical day in the life of Gemma Collins.
She said:

"The FULL MOON is definitely affecting me already I went from meditation sunflowers to smashing the glass on my car to reversing into a huge plant pot #fullmoonenergy #fullmoon .... what a day," she wrote.

"I always feel very strange around a full moon does anyone else I want to hear your experiences swipe across to see the days events Friday the 13th tomorrow im staying in !!! Freddie K keep away."

If you have a  few spare minutes make sure to check out some of the comments under the post. They're Hilarious - Especially the comment from John Barrowman!

Gemma, please don't ever change!

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