Donald Trump Denies Claims He...


Donald Trump Denies Claims He Stormed Out Of Upcoming Piers Morgan Interview


11:52 22 Apr 2022

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Donald Trump & Piers Morgan

Donald Trump has denied claims he stormed out of an interview with Piers Morgan.

He's alleged Piers edited the interview to make it look like there was a bust-up in order to create a buzz around his new talk show.

It all started when a promo for the UK presenter's new show Piers Morgan Uncensored was released.

It features a heated debate between Piers and the former US president, and it ends with the latter storming out.

"Let's finish up the interview. Turn the camera off... very dishonest," we hear Trump say.

Trump then released a statement saying the interview he, 'rather enjoyed doing is now in shambles.'

'[Piers] wanted to make it look like I walked out on the interview when my time limit of 20 minutes went over by an hour.'

'The good news is that the interview was taped by us as a means of keeping him honest.'

Read the statement below:

Trump's spokesman has since shared their audio with US media outlets.

According to NBC News, Piers and Trump thanked each other before wrapping up the interview.

And the reason Trump stood up and said, "Turn the camera off," was apparently because the interview was being dragged out.


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His communications director, Taylor Budowich, claimed the footage was edited to make it look like Trump said, "turn the camera off," out of anger, when he apparently didn't.

The audio also includes Budowich getting frustrated with Piers for dragging the interview out, and falsely saying he only had one more question left to ask.

Piers has been reacting to Trump's response on Twitter: 'We haven’t even aired it yet, and he’s already released two furious statements… about a PROMO?!'

'Take a chill pill, Mr President - it’s a great interview, even if you did lose your rag a bit.'

The interview airs this Monday, 25th April.

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