Dolly Parton Didn't Take Well...


Dolly Parton Didn't Take Well To Jennifer Aniston Naming Her Dog After Her


01:21 6 Dec 2018

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In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel Jennfier Aniston revealed that she has a dog named after Dolly Parton.

Jennifer was on the show to promote her upcoming movie 'Dumplin', which Dolly also stars in.

During the interview she tells Jimmy a story about meeting Dolly for the first time in a bar.

She admits she loved the singer since she was little and accidentally told Dolly she had a dog named after her.

Dolly said she didn't know how she felt about it and Jennifer remembered worrying that she had insulted her!

Watch the full interview below:

'Dumplin' is out on Friday 7th December.

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