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Dermot Kennedy Wants To See Taylor Swift In America

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Hopefully Dermot can make a collab happen?

It turns out, Dermot Kennedy is a fan of Taylor Swift's songwriting!

We caught up with him at the launch of 'Guinness: Live & Rising,' which is a new initiative that is celebrating pubs across Ireland with music, food, sport and arts experiences.

Back in November, Dermot covered Taylor's hit Anti-Hero and Taylor tweeted about it, saying "WOW - Absolutely love this."

Now that he's going on a North American tour later this month, he's hoping it will also give him a chance to see Taylor on tour.


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Dermot told SPIN, "I think we do cross paths in terms of touring at some point, so we'll see.

"And by 'we'll see,' I would actually just like to see her show.

"I just picked that song for that cover because it's a great song. She's a great songwriter.

"I think her songwriting is beautiful."


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While you'll see him selling out stadiums now, Dermot loved playing in pubs as an upcoming artist.

"It was a sort-of tradition, myself and my Dad had. He would always drive me into town and we would either play in Bruxelles or we'd play in Eamonn Doran's.

"Just these small rooms, like literally 17 or 18 years old, where I was supported. It felt like a great place to play music for the first time."

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