Dermot Kennedy Is Buzzing To P...


Dermot Kennedy Is Buzzing To Play Thomond Park This Weekend

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These gigs are going to be great.

Dermot Kennedy is getting ready to play three nights in Limerick later this week, and he seems as excited about it as we are!

"I'm so so excited for these next few shows at Thomond Park this weekend.

"To be able to play to 30,000 people three nights in a row, is something that is hard to process and was very hard to believe [at one time]," Dermot said on Instagram.


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How does Dermot find gigging?

Dermot has admitted to feeling "overwhelmed" a couple of times in the last year while performing.

"99% of the time I absolutely love it and don't feel nervous at all," he wrote on Discord.

"I have had one or two times in the last year where I felt a little bit overwhelmed, in which case it's a pretty intimidating situation to be in, even though it's so supportive. But pretty much every time I feel good up there."

But sometimes, these gigs can be "frustrating" as he wants the audience to understand how grateful he is for their support.


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"Sometimes I'm standing on stage and it hits me," he said.

"Like in Atlanta for example, in my head I'm just thinking, 'this is so insane. There are thousands of people here because they like the music I made.'

"It's kind of frustrating sometimes in a way, because I would almost like to chat about all of it with everybody and fully express my gratitude, cause it's the most amazing thing in my life and I appreciate it so much.

"But that's impossible, and so I guess the best thing I can do to say thanks is play the best show I can and give people the most honest, hopefully powerful experience I can give them, no matter where I am.

"The people that are there like my music, so technically that's the best thing I can offer."

He seems like such a nice guy!

Tickets are still available to see Dermot this Friday and Sunday in Thomond Park Stadium.

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