Angelina Jolie Gushes Over Iri...


Angelina Jolie Gushes Over Irish Actor Barry Keoghan


03:44 18 Aug 2020

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Angelina Jolie gushes over Barry Keoghan

Hollywood megastar Angelina Jolie thinks very highly of Irish actor Barry Keoghan.

The actress gushed over him in an interview with the Six O’Clock Show this week.


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🐺🐺 To make history this year ...🎥🎥🎞

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Keoghan stars alongside Jolie in the upcoming Marvel movie The Eternals.

He previously admitted she's like a, "mother figure," to him.

In response to this, she said, "I take it, I’m honoured."


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🐺 #Eternals

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She continued, "He’s wonderful, he’s really wonderful."

"We worked together on Eternals and he is so talented."

"You know, he’s very unique and that’s a fun thing to see these days."

"There's a lot of people than can do good work but when strong, unique personalities come forward and they have their own... something that you haven't seen before, it's really exciting."

"It's fun to see."

Jolie added, "So, I think highly of him."

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