10:33 6 Aug 2021

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Amy Day slams Hugo Hammond

Love Island's Amy Day and Hugo Hammond were dumped from the villa on last night's episode.

In her exit interview, she slammed him, branding him, 'fake.'

Amy Day

Amy was asked if she felt an attraction to Hugo when they first met.

She replied, 'Yeah there was and it was a very unexpected surprise and it just felt really natural and normal.'

'At first I thought he was someone I could hang out with effortlessly.'


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Amy explained, 'He reminded me of friends I had back home.'

'If I’m attracted to you, I’m attracted to you. All my exes are completely different.'

'Different personalities, different jobs, their appearance is completely different.'

Amy Day

'It was almost an instant thing'

She went on, 'So if I had that vibe, that chemistry then I can’t pinpoint why. It was almost an instant thing.'

The dumped Islander said going back into the villa with him, 'was so nice.'

'It was the nicest thing to have the support from everyone and everyone was happy.'

Amy Day

'I’m a massive girls’ girl,' Amy explained.

'So the fact I found someone I like and also wasn’t in a relationship, I was very happy not to tread on anyone’s toes.'

But everything changed pretty quickly when life in the main villa returned to normal.

Amy Day

She recalled, 'It was almost instant, the next day, he was very hot and cold.'

'He would never naturally choose to come and chill with me. So for me it felt it was all for show.'

Amy insists her feelings for him were very real and, 'everyone could see that.'


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'I tried'

She said, 'I think at the end, everyone questioned why on earth he just wasn’t reciprocating what I was giving.'

'I tried. I was being 100% genuine and real and I was a little bit messed around, but I loved the experience.'

'I’ve definitely learned what I don’t want and how I should be treated in a relationship.'

When asked how she feels about him now, she simply replied, 'fake.'

'Because he wasn’t telling me that he didn’t like me. I do wish I’d opened up and re-coupled with someone else.'

'Also, 100% I did not sleep with Hugo,' she very randomly added.


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Sam Jackson

Amy said she wishes she opened up to the other guys in the villa a bit more.

She said, 'I think me and Sam would have really got on. Sam was very genuine.'

'He’s easy to talk to, very handsome and I could just tell he’s actually genuine.'

'And he wasn’t forcing anything, he was just being himself.'

'I’d go on a date with Sam - a restaurant in London, eat good food, rooftop bar and loads of drinks.'

When asked which couple she thinks will go the distance, Amy replied, 'I think Millie and Liam.'

'[Millie] might be a bit shocked when she watches Casa Amor back.'

'But there’s no denying there’s a very strong connection. Faye and Teddy I hope they last on the outside.'

'Kaz and Tyler I’m not betting money on it,' she confessed.


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She continued, 'Chloe and Toby are so cute, they really are.'

'Jake and Liberty are definitely cute together. I just hope he is as genuine as he comes across.'

Could Jake be playing a game? We really hope not!

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player.


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