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Amber Gill Opens Up About Death Threats & Social Media Trolling

Tara Walsh
Tara Walsh

10:28 15 Oct 2019

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Amber Gill on social media trolling

Love Island winner Amber Gill opens up about social media trolling in a brand new interview this week.

She's had plenty of negative comments written about her online and even previously admitted to getting death threats.

Speaking to FEMAIL she says, 'I tend to take everything in my stride.'

Amber points out, 'You just have to remember somebody must be in a really negative place to leave a negative comment.'

'Happy, positive people wouldn’t do that, they have better things to focus on.'

'So I haven't needed much help because I tend to take everything in my stride.'

Look at 'the funny side'

She goes on, 'I always see the funny side of the comments, like, "oh my god you really thought it was a good idea?"'

'I feel like I've learnt how to keep cool no matter how somebody treats you.'

Speaking on the Loose Women panel earlier this year, she admits to getting death threats.

'It's totally crazy. You get a lot of love but you do get hate.'

'You get death threats, anything.'


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#AD So excited to announce I’ve modelled for @littlewoodsonline to launch their edited Topshop collection! #OwnItWithLittlewoods

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Be comfortable

Amber encourages her fans to dress how they want to dress and to ignore judgement.

'Just be you and find your own style. I don't wear something just because someone else says it's fashionable.'

'Always make sure you feel comfortable and happy with what you're wearing, before you look for other people's approval.'

'Just have fun and don't worry about being judged.'


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So what’s the T? 🐸☕️ @makeupbymikey

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