Task Force Confirms €157m Coca...


Task Force Confirms €157m Cocaine Haul On Seized Ship

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

05:34 27 Sep 2023

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Gardaí and Revenue have confirmed €157 million worth of drugs have been seized.

More than 2 tonnes of cocaine were found on a cargo ship apprehended during a multi-agency operation off Cork.

It amounts to the largest drugs haul in the history of the State.

Gerry Harrahill from Revenue Customs, confirming the details following a dramatic few days:

"I can say the weight of cocaine involved was 2,253 kilograms and the value is €157 million."

The cargo ship, the MV Matthew, which left South America last month with a crew of about 25, is now docked in Cork Harbour after control was seized by members of the Army Ranger Wing yesterday.


Those operating the ship are described as part of a “murderous cartel”, with Assistant Garda Commissioner Justin Kelly says the extremely complex multi-agency operation comes as a significant hit for international drug gangs:

"It shows out un-relenting determination to disrupt and dismantle networks which are determined to bring drugs into our country."


Meanwhile, a fishing trawler, associated with this mothership, remains stranded off the coast of Wexford, after it came to the attention of emergency services on Sunday.

Three men remain in garda custody in Wexford, who will be central to the investigation as it continues.

Reporting by Ellen Butler at the Joint Task Force briefing in Dublin.

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