Two Thirds of International St...


Two Thirds of International Students Experienced Racism

Alex Rowley
Alex Rowley

08:28 29 Mar 2023

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Two-thirds of international students in Ireland say they've experienced racism.

But only one in ten incidents are reported to the authorities.

These are among the key findings outlined in ‘Speak Out Against Racism’, a new report published by the Irish Council for International Students.

The most common form was verbal with the majority of incidents occurring in Dublin.

Executive Director at the Irish Council for International is Laura Harmon.

She said the majority of students who experienced racism were English language students:

"Teenagers were reported to be, I suppose, the primary perpetrators or racism".

"It happens in hospital settings, in Garda settings, in college settings, in bars, in nightclubs, in restaurants".

She said international students can often be "forgotten about" when it comes to racism and that racism is very "prevalent" in our society.


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