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Tubs Answers Questions - A Roundup

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

06:43 11 Jul 2023

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Ryan Tubridy says he had absolutely nothing to hide about his salary.

The presenter also said recent commentary has made him sound complicit in hidden payments.

Tubridy and his agent Noel Kelly have been appearing before two Oireachtas Committees today.

First up, this morning, was the Oireachtas Public Accounts Committee.

The presenter said a "fog of confusion" had been cast over the issue.

He tore into RTÉ's account of things and outlined seven untruths.

Among them was a payment of 120,000 euro between 2017 and 2019, that he said he didn't take, but was declared in RTÉ's accounts.

Tubridy said he'd "forgone" the payment, but the delcaration in accounts created a "narrative" that he was contriving to hide it.

"I didn't take this payment," he said - adding "I had nothing to hide."

Late Late

Ryan Tubridy was keen to re-iterate this scandal had no bearing on his decision to leave the Late Late Show.

"I ran out of gas, I chose to leave."

"There is no conspiracy!" he said.

He also said he'd stay until the "dogs come home" to keep making that point.

Commercial Deal

Perhaps the biggest revelation is RTÉ in an email DID give a guarantee to underwrite the €75,000 deal with Renault, which officials had denied

Here's agent Noel Kelly:

"RTÉ Executives had said there was a 'strong pushback' against the idea of under-writing the agreement."

"That is incorrect," he said.

In a statement, RTÉ say the email is not a legally binding contract

The committee hearings are ongoing.

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