Study Finds We're Still Using...


Study Finds We're Still Using Really Obvious Passwords

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

01:53 24 Oct 2023

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Irish people are still using passwords that are easily guessed for their online accounts.

A study by CyberSkills found qwerty, password and fatherted were all included in a database of hacked passwords.

The website Have I Been Pwned gathers compromised login details.

Spin asked the search tool how many times the word "ireland" has been detected.

The result, as you can see below, is not great.

Use Strong Passwords

Tech Correspondent Jess Kelly has this advice for a difficult-to-guess password:

"Try and avoid using obvious words, phrases, celebrities, football teams, and string together a few random words, mix up the uppercase and lowercase of those words, and throw in some numbers on the output of punctuation."

"So whether that is an exclamation point instead of an L, those small changes can make a big difference."

Jess also says another key piece of advice is not to share login details across multiple apps or sites, "because if one gets compromised, then they're all compromised."

Photo: Ralf Kalytta / Alamy Stock Photo

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