One In Five Young Women Has Ex...


One In Five Young Women Has Experienced Abuse By A Male Partner

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

05:35 18 Jul 2023

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One in every 5 young women has experienced abuse by a male partner.

A new website called "Too Into You" has been launched to help identify unhealthy behaviours in relationships.

Clinical psychotherapist Stephanie Regan outlines some of the most common red flags to watch out for:

"Rushing, possessiveness, isolating you from friends and family being distrustful of you."

"Accusing you of cheating, accusing you of things that you're not."

Stephanie rounded out her list of "micro red-flags" by saying, "and of course, emotional and anger outbursts."

Never Too Late

Stephanie says it's never too late to recognise toxic traits and to get out:

"I meet a lot of women and a lot of guys who are in their 30s now and trying to either establish relationship still, or where they're trying to extract themselves from a really bad marriage or a really bad relationship."

"I often think they carry such guilt and such pressure inside themselves about having made a mistake."

"Having got it wrong, as though it's a fatal error."

"The reality is it takes time to see people fully."

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