Nearly Two Thirds Of Tinder Us...


Nearly Two Thirds Of Tinder Users Aren't Even Single - Research

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

05:13 14 Jul 2023

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Nearly two thirds of people using Tinder aren't actually single.

They instead use the app as a form of entertainment.

Researchers spoke to 1,400 users aged between 18 and 74.

They asked about motivations for using the app and how many matches they get.

Dating Coach Frances Kelleher outlines the red flags that give timewasters away:

"They write a thesis online!" Frances said.

"They'll write and they'll write and they'll talk and talk."

"Any mention then of you nudging towards a real life date or asking if they want to meet - it never happens."

Frances says these kinds of people are "all talk and no action, basically."

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