Dating Apps Can Cause Anxiety...


Dating Apps Can Cause Anxiety Making Users LESS Likely To Find "The One"

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

03:10 8 Feb 2023

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Dating apps could make you less likely to meet someone.

New research looking at the effect of the apps has found they can cause feelings of anxiety and overwhelm.

Researchers at the University of Vienna, found those who swiped 'excessively' on apps like Tinder, experienced 'partner choice overload'.

Online dating was also found to make some people overly self-conscious and more reluctant to meet people in real-life over a fear of rejection.

One of the study's authors, Marina Thomas, who's researching for a PhD in Media Psychology at the University of Vienna, explains why dating apps can be so addictive:

"Maybe even a little bit more [than other social media]."

"Because what is so fascinating about dating apps is they allow you to see something very private, very intimate."

Marina says that private/intimate look into a person's life comes in the form of how they present themselves as a potential partner.

"So, just profile browsing can be very fascinating."

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Marina explains "it's easy to compare yourself, your true self against others' brushed realities or brushed versions of themselves."

The group carried out an experiment and found, while you might expect more options are better but "there's a maximum that can be reached."

Marina says if a user has more than 90 options on a dating app people get dissatisified and "they feel overwhelmed and distracted by all the information."

464 young people aged 16-25 took part who had experience using dating apps.

The main negative effects of using the apps included, 'upward social comparison and a fear of being single'.

Boys And Men - Excessive swiping

The one difference the researchers found between people was boys and young men reported more excessive swiping compared to women.

Marina explains, "boys engage in it more and more compulsively."

But the group did not find any gender effects on social comparison, fear of being single or even overload.

Marina says that was "a bit surprising" because those outcomes are often seen in women more often in other media.

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