Billie Eilish Spills The Tea O...


Billie Eilish Spills The Tea On Singles, Sexuality And Self Pleasure!

Shannon Keenan
Shannon Keenan

02:24 25 Apr 2024

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Billie Eilish's tea is piping HOT!

The 'Bad Guy' singer held nothing back during her tell-all interview with Rolling Stone.

The 22-year-old opened up about: sexuality, self pleasure and why she’s not releasing any singles from her new upcoming album, Hit Me Hard and Soft.

Speaking on why she's not releasing any new singles she revealed: “I don’t like singles from albums. Every single time an artist I love puts out a single without the context of the album, I’m just already prone to hating on it."

"I really don’t like when things are out of context. This album is like a family: I don’t want one little kid to be in the middle of the room alone.”

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Speaking about her new song “Lunch” which had fans losing the rag, she said: “That song was actually part of what helped me become who I am, to be real."

"I wrote some of it before even doing anything with a girl, and then wrote the rest after. I’ve been in love with girls for my whole life, but I just didn’t understand — until, last year, I realized I wanted my face in a vagina."

Referring to being outed during her Variety interview last year she said: "I was never planning on talking about my sexuality ever, in a million years. It’s really frustrating to me that it came up"

Billie also opened up about her sex life: “TMI, but self-pleasure is an enormous, enormous part of my life, and a huge, huge help for me. People should be jerking it, man. I can’t stress it enough, as somebody with extreme body issues and dysmorphia that I’ve had my entire life.”

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She added that she likes to pleasure herself in front of her mirror, saying, “Partly because it’s hot, but it also makes me have such a raw, deep connection to myself and my body, and have a love for my body that I have not really ever had."

"I got to say, looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking ‘I look really good right now’ is so helpful. You can manufacture the situation you’re in to make sure you look good. You can make the light super dim, you can be in a specific outfit or in a specific position that’s more flattering."

"I have learned that looking at myself and watching myself feel pleasure has been an extreme help in loving myself and accepting myself, and feeling empowered and comfortable.”

Billie's highly anticipated album, Hit Me Hard and Soft drops the 17th of May - So set your alarms!

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