Citizen's Assembly On Drug Use...


Citizen's Assembly On Drug Use Continues In Malahide Today

Valerie McHugh
Valerie McHugh

11:10 25 Jun 2023

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National Drug strategies need to focus on Recovery, meaning life after drug use.

That's the message this morning at the Third Citizen's Assembly on Drug use - at Malahide.

Ireland's strategic response to Drug Use began in the 80s, in response to the emerging drug epidemic in the inner city.

Professor in Addiction Studies at Trinity College  Jo-Hanna Ivers, explains Recovery Capital:

She said: "They are the factors that people have in their lives that help them sustain their recovery. 

"Some people touched on them yesterday.

"That is having access to education, training, housing, employment, somewhere nice to live, somewhere nice to be, and engagement with your community."

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