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Calls For The Secondary School Year To Be Extended Through June

Ciara Noble
Ciara Noble

06:22 7 Jun 2023

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There are calls for the secondary school year to run through June.

Teacher, Jennifer Horgan, thinks the second-level school year should be in line with primary schools.

Ms. Horgan - an Irish Times columnist - says financial inequalities are deepening in Ireland.

This means some parents cannot afford to send their children to extra-curricular activities during summer.

She believes students should have more study periods during the day, leading to less homework.

Ms. Horgan thinks the school day should be slower-paced, therefore extending the school year until the end of June.

She added with better school facilities, non-exam students could stay in school during June, while the State exams are underway.

In her opinion, non-exam year students wouldn't be overwhelmed at the prospect of sitting state exams in the future.



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