Are Coldplay Coming To Dublin?...


Are Coldplay Coming To Dublin? Strong Hints They May Be!

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas

03:11 19 Jul 2023

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The rumour mill has been in overdrive recently, are Coldplay coming to Dublin?

Ireland's not currently mentioned on the band's World Tour list on their website.

BUT that could be because the dates don't go as far as has been rumoured - August 2024.

The strongest hint we've seen yet appeared today, with a Ticketmaster event page for the gig.

Page Is Missing

Soon after the page was spotted (and screenshotted by multiple people) - it disppeared.

Amsterdam Gig

The hashtag #ColdplayDublin also flashed up on the screen at the band's gig in Amsterdam last night.

You can see it in this video below, but don't blink - you'll miss it:

Spin has approached a major promoter and we'll update this article with more info when we have it!

Main photo: dpa picture alliance archive / Alamy Stock Photo

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